AI taking over the wheel

18 de março de 2019 2 Comments

Artificial Intelligence keeps making its way into the automotive industry to simplify and upgrade the manufacturing process and build intelligent and fully equipped cars for the future.  

For many years human beings and the transportation industry have been interacting on a daily basis and, focusing on car vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) has influenced the automotive industry in many different ways.

We have to admit that when we think of AI in terms of automotive industry the first thing that pops in our heads is driverless cars which only seemed to be part of a fictional movie universe and a far future development, but nowadays even though they are still not allowed to drive on public roads, self-driving cars are a thing and different companies are working hard and investing on making it happen and roll their tires on the streets.

Given that a high percentage of deaths are caused by car accidents, many features have been implemented on vehicles already, characteristics such as cars able to park themselves, automatic braking, alert systems, sensors, voice commands to make phone calls and some other features that aimed to bring safety to the drivers. Having self-driving cars on the streets could be a way of preventing and diminish accidents, allow drivers to generate more complex voice commands to be performed, help them by informing if there is a problem with the vehicle through a general diagnosis, reducing or avoiding several costs of maintenance and even providing manufacturers with information of components or systems implemented on cars and need to be improved through internet of things (IoT).

On the automotive manufacturing the use of AI through robots aims to boost productivity making processes quicker, easier and more efficient working conjointly with humans allowing them to have an absolute monitoring of the manufacturing process of the different production lines. The implementation of robots in the process also serves as a better quality control system for a final check-up to easily detect issues and deliver upscale finish products to the customers. After all it seems like driverless cars and AI robots are not just an imaginary thing from the movies, right?


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