Moley Robotic Kitchen

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Moley Robotics created the first robotic kitchen which operates under self-teaching technology integrating the skills of a master chef to cook different recipes.

Moley Robotics is the British firm behind the creation of the world’s first robotic kitchen, offering the perfect assistant to avoid the fatigue that comes from cooking without losing the quality and freshness of final dishes. The robotic kitchen made its debut in 2015 in an industrial robotic trade fair in Germany and has gained appreciation and recognition internationally in the past few years.

The robotic kitchen consists of a pair of articulated arms which thanks to its 3D camera and wired glove can replicate human actions and movements while cooking a meal to incorporate them into its database in order to prepare the exact same dish later on controlled through its touch screen or even through a smartphone. Its well-developed and structured system allows it to operate with the grace and flare of a master chef without looking too robotic.

For now it can cook over a hundred different meals and has access to different recipes from all over the world to choose from. Once you decide what is today’s meal just by specifying the number of portions, desired ingredients, dietary restrictions, etc. and by setting the containers with all the ingredients the magic happens and you will have a final dish in front of you with just one touch, another great thing is that it cleans up right after.

They are still working on a “share and sell” feature for people to cook, share and put in the market all their recipes for other people to have access to them and expand the online culinary library. What do you think? Would you like to have Moley at home to cook for you?

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