Did someone order a McUpgrade?

2 de maio de 2019 0 Comment

McDonald´s announced the acquisition of the Israeli company Dynamic Yield for 300 million dollars in order to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily operations.

A few weeks ago McDonald’s made the announcement that they would be buying Dynamic Yield, a company dedicated to implement artificial intelligence in several sectors and companies to improve their operational systems by being more efficient generating highly purchase recommendations, making it the biggest acquisition in 20 years for the food chain.

Even though McDonald’s is not the first food chain to work with AI, they are the first fast food chain to use intelligent tools in its operations making them the king of the AI in the fast food industry for all the developments that would be brought to the table in order to grow even bigger and conquer the market.

The food chain aims to implement AI mainly in their drive-thru to provide their customers with a much more personalized experience thanks to the system provided by the Israeli start-up, which once implemented would give suggestions to the customers displayed on the menus depending on the weather, time, traffic levels and other factors to help them make decisions. They are also working on a system where they would be able to identify the number plates from the cars to know the usual order of that customer and suggest it as a first purchase.

The use of all this tools to upgrade the chain are very interesting and ambitious, and we are going to have to wait and see how it works out for them because they also want to apply AI to self-order kiosks and its mobile app, allowing their customers to hold on and engage with the restaurant in several platforms for them to choose from.

We cannot deny this is a great move for the food chain that is looking to adapt to the future and the different changes that keep emerging in the market, but we cannot stop wondering the number of people that would be left out with no jobs once the restaurants get to the point of working only under AI and robots. What do you think?


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