Street Food

29 de maio de 2019 0 Comment

Street Food is one of the newest Netflix’s documentaries that aims to show us the world through the flavors of the amazing Asian continent.

Most of us are familiar with food shows, going from reality cooking competitions to cooking shows introducing new recipes or even documentaries, and Netflix being one of the most popular platforms does not want to be left behind. They have been coming up with several projects in this genre and a few weeks ago they launched a new documentary called Street Food, adding it to its list of originals.

Different from other shows that exhibit signature cuisine, what professional chefs do in the kitchen and fancy restaurants, Street Food focuses on typical cuisine that can be found on the streets around the Asian continent at a very accessible price without losing quality and flavor. The documentary has nine episodes showcasing various countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia; centering in a popular city from each country and introducing three or four local cooks, their stories and how they relate to food.

The documentary wants to present the diversity of typical food, dishes and snacks found on the streets and in every corner of each city and how street food has become such an important part in these people’s lives in terms of culture and uniqueness. They take some time to explain the connection between the food and the amazing people making it, and how they have persevered and fought to try to earn a place in life, always cooking with their heart and soul to make other people happy.

So what are you waiting for? Go take a culinary trip around the world by watching Street Food on Netflix, we bet you will end up craving to try every single dish.


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