We offer solutions that combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence.

Liz - Virtual Secretary

Virtual assistant, combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence; Among its functions you find: organize the schedule; plan and remember commitments, special dates, activities, tasks and everything that needs to be remembered. Liz is ideal for team management. By integrating several platforms, Liz responds text messages in the applications that the client already has installed on their smartphone (WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram, etc.).

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Augusto - Virtual Attention for restaurants

Virtual customer service for restaurants, help the customer to make orders and payments with agility, practicality and ease. It provides the attention without the need to make long lines to order, since with Augusto, it can be done before arriving at the restaurant, without downloading the app. You just have to chat with him on Facebook, Skype, E-mail or another network that the restaurant uses. Allows integration with other devices and systems, tracking metrics, production management, promotions and much more.

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Francisco - Social volunteer

He works as a social volunteer, playing a key role in the support of fundraising in NGOs, social and environmental projects. He values and works towards the Millennium Development Goals of the UNO (United Nations Organization). Examples of functions performed: volunteers registration; presentation and sale of NGOs products; disclosure of actions; CVs reception; projects and ideas reception; among others. Francisco helps in the attention, facilitating processes, in order to allow volunteers and employees to engage in contact with people.


See how our virtual assistant for restaurants helps the customer to make orders and payments with agility.

  • Opening of a new sales channel
  • Customer service without service
  • Workforce economy
  • Positioning as an innovative company
  • Agility of responses to interactions in social networks
  • Improvement in the ranking
  • Greater commitment
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