Comida do futuro


Quando falamos sobre o futuro, pensamos em Cidades Inteligentes, Big Data, Inteligência Artificial e a Internet das Coisas, mas e a indústria de alimentos, como ela encaixa em tudo isso? Estima-se que até o ano de 2050 seremos 9 bilhões de pessoas no planeta, cerca de 795 milhões de pessoas no mundo não tem comida […]

No time to cook? Hakuna Matata


Wetaca is a foodtech start-up delivering high quality dishes at a low-cost straight from the kitchen to your front door; satisfying clients who want to eat well every day but have no time or desire to cook. We know nowadays there are several food companies designed to make people happy by providing quick and easy […]

Smart Cities


Smart cities seek for urban development implementing information technologies (IT) and internet of things (IoT) across all city functions. I bet when people hear the term “smart cities” they start thinking of these futuristic cities where cars fly, there are robots everywhere and everything is controlled through artificial intelligence but in reality that is not […]

Robôs devem ajudar a economizar 8 Bilhões de dólares

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A revolução digital impactou tudo o que sabemos sobre o mundo e segundo a Juniper Research a introdução de Chatbots pode economizar até 8 bilhões de dólares já em 2022 (Hosteltur 2017). A tecnologia simplificou e transformou as viagens. Nós nos tornamos a geração de viajantes DIY (Do it Yourself), que tem a capacidade de […]

She is the one everyone wants to have

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Alexa is Amazon’s controlled echo smart speaker that executes several actions through only one voice command making life way easier than it already is. We would have to start by explaining that Alexa is not the product itself but the name of the artificial intelligence integrated into the different echo products sold by Amazon. She […]

IoT em restaurantes e tecnologia 3D no cardápio


O gasto em IoT em 2019 passará dos 646.000 milhões de dólares investidos em 2018. Serão 745.000 milhões previstos para 2019, representando um crescimento de 15,4% (Valdeolmillos Celia, 2019). Você já havia escutado este termo antes? Você sabe como isso afeta os restaurantes? O termo IoT vem do Inglês Internet of Things, refere-se a um […]



In the past the conventional way to play it was personally, in front from other people, today the people can play through a computer and have international competitions, did you know that? Do you know what means E-sports? Have you played or seen an E-sport game? E-sports are video games championships (people can see it […]

AI taking over the wheel

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Artificial Intelligence keeps making its way into the automotive industry to simplify and upgrade the manufacturing process and build intelligent and fully equipped cars for the future.   For many years human beings and the transportation industry have been interacting on a daily basis and, focusing on car vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) has influenced the […]

Bina48: uma robô quase humana


A primeira robô a dar uma aula universitária, foi inspirada em uma pessoa real e é protagonista da série da National Geographic “A história de Deus”. A série da National Geographic “A história de Deus”, explora os mais diferentes pontos de vista sobre Deus, desde a criação até os milagres registrados na história. Logo no […]

The new trend in fashion


Aritifical intelligence, the “It” factor for fashion industry to help customers save time and finding clothes and accessories that fit them through a personalized experience. The world and society are evolving, and technology is not left behind. Day by day new technologies and ways of making life easier through it are coming up and forcing […]